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5 Reasons to Buy Second Hand Jewellery
By TH Baker Blogger
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5 Reasons to Buy Second Hand Jewellery

More and more people are opting to buy second hand jewellery. You may be wondering why bother to buy second hand when you could just buy new items, so here's our top five benefits to buying second hand jewellery along with some tips and advice.

1. Second hand is more sustainable

In a time where we are becoming increasingly aware of our impact upon our planet, it can be comforting to know that purchasing second hand jewellery is a very sustainable option. Prolonging the life of a second hand piece means that the energy and resources that were used to create it are not going to waste. It also means that your money isn't contributing the demand for new jewellery. 

If you're someone who is concerned about where their money goes, buying second hand is a great way to indulge in beautiful jewellery whilst keeping your conscience clear.

2. You can own a piece of history

A piece of second hand jewellery will have a history - it may even be older than you are! Many people love to imagine the life and moments that their antique piece has seen, and the memories carried with it. Perhaps your cocktail ring was owned by a glamorous socialite, or maybe your locket was once a gift from one sweetheart to another.

gold gate bracelet fastening with a heart-shaped padlock with engraved detail

You can also find some stunning styles that were popular in years gone by and preserve them to be enjoyed by future generations. For example, the Victorian era saw a whole host of romantic jewellery trends. You can find examples of these styles in second hand collections and give them a new lease of life - maybe you'll even bring them back into fashion!

3. Better value for money

When you buy any new item, it will depreciate in value over time. Most people are familiar with this concept when it comes to cars - the value of a car drops dramatically year-on-year. This makes second hand jewellery better value than new items. You'll be able to buy a piece of jewellery with higher-value metals and gemstones second-hand than you would if you spent the same money on a brand new item.

However, jewellery is unique in that it carries intrinsic value in its materials. So, after brand new jewellery loses its initial value, it's unlikely to depreciate in value any further. This means that if you buy a brand-new diamond ring for £2000, you might be able to later sell it for £500. However, If you bought that same ring second hand, you'd likely be able to sell it for a similar amount to what you paid for it. Sometimes, you may even find your antique jewellery going up in value! In this way, second hand jewellery is a more sensible investment.

4. You'll find more unique pieces

When your jewellery was made in decades gone-by, it's unlikely that you'll find someone else wearing the same pieces as you. Even only a few decades ago, jewellery was made in much smaller batches than it is today, meaning that its harder to find an exact replica of a piece of older jewellery. In this way, buying second hand jewellery means you can find something unique to express yourself.
a 14 carat yellow gold ring with a pink cubic zirconia stone, flanked with baguette-cut and round white stonesyellow gold necklet with aquamarine and diamond stonesyellow gold torque bangle with ruby centre stone surrounded by diamonds

Another aspect of this is that when jewellery is made in small batches, jewellers can afford to take more risks with style. This means that you can often find very ornate and elaborate styles in second hand jewellery collections.

5. High-quality materials

Second-hand jewellery has stood the test of time. This means you can buy with the peace of mind that your jewellery is made of high-quality materials and has been built to last.

You can also find rare materials such as yellow diamonds in second hand collections, as well as pieces crafted from 22 carat gold. Another example is that vintage cameo jewellery is often crafted from materials like seashells and agate, whereas modern cameo jewellery will likely be made from man-made materials.

Advice for buying second hand jewellery

If you're ready to shop second hand, we have a few tips to help you find your perfect piece of jewellery.

  • Read-up on hallmarks and how to identify them. Hallmarks are certifcations of the metal a piece of jewellery is crafted from. There are currently four assay offices in the UK, but older jewellery may bear hallmarks from now-closed assay offices.
  • Get a feel for the market so you know how much you should be paying. Avoid falling foul to overpriced items by shopping around and being aware of the current market prices for different metals, stones, and styles.
  • Do some research on your favourite styles and how best to find them. 
  • Shop with a jeweller you can trust.

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