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Michael Kors jewellery and watches are world renowned for their award winning designs, signature of American fashion designer Michael Kors. Famous for their glitzy rose gold, which is on trend right now, Michael Kors designs are perfect for all occasions, glowing in the summer and standing out in the winter.

Michael Kors

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Michael Kors Access


Discover smarter style for women with our collection of award-winning Michael Kors Access Watches. Designed to be fashionable and suitable for a modern lifestyle, each watch is built with smart technology. The collection also features a selection of interchangeable watch straps to suit your style.

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Michael Kors Color

Kors Color

Celebrate your personal style with a gorgeous spectrum of colours crafted from a range of semi-precious stones and crystals.

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Michael Kors Mercer Link

Mercer Link

Step out with sophisticated style with bold link chain jewellery designs from the Mercer Link collection. Crafted from stylish sterling silver, and available with radiant gold plate finishes, complete your look with matching pieces.

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Michael Kors Love

Kors Love

Discover modern messages of love with gorgeous hearts and pave jewellery designs by Michael Kors.

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Michael Kors Custom Kors

Custom Kors

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