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Wedding Rings Guide: Everything You Need To Know
By TH Baker Blogger
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Wedding Rings Guide: Everything You Need To Know

You're getting married!

It's not everyday that you get to make wedding plans with the partner of your dreams. Planning a wedding can be daunting at times. However, finding the perfect rings doesn't have to be. With our easy to follow wedding rings guide, you can enjoy finding the perfect match to complement your engagement ring. 

Whether you want something traditional, embellished or alternative - we've got wedding rings to match your style and budget.

Set Your Budget

First things first, have a budget in mind...

There are wedding rings to match any budget. You can buy quality rings for under £100 or luxury rings for over £1000. Wedding ring prices vary depending on the type of metal you choose for the band. You'll need to bear in mind that a rarer metal, such as platinum, or a higher carat of metal, will be more expensive. 


Vintage Narrow Wedding Ring

Select A Ring Style

Consider whether you and your partner want matching wedding rings. A matching set can make for an endearing choice. However, you may both have different tastes or specific ideas of what you want. Either way, it's up to you.

To keep things simple we've categorised our wedding rings into three main categories:


  • Stone-set (set with diamonds or gems)
  • Plain
  • Shaped


While plain bands are a traditional choice, stone-set has become more popular in recent years. Shaped wedding rings are typically purchased as part of a bridal set.


Ring type compilation


The two main diamond settings for wedding rings are channel and beaded. They are available as a vintage full set (100%) or half set (60% and 40%). The traditional diamond cuts for wedding rings include the princess and round brilliant.

If you want to learn more about diamonds, take a look at our diamond guide.

Choose Your Metal

While the main consideration for the engagement ring may have been the diamond, with wedding rings it's typically the metal or material for the band that is the most important consideration.

Perhaps the golden rule for selecting your choice of metal is to ensure it's made from the same grade of metal as the engagement ring. This has less to do with being stylish and everything to do with preserving the quality of the metal featured on your engagement ring. So, if you have an 18ct gold engagement ring, we strongly recommend that you choose an 18ct gold wedding band.

Top 5 Precious Metals for Wedding Band


There are three types of gold - yellow, white and rose. There are many factors that influence the price of gold, such as carat and rarity. The rarest gold in the world is Welsh Gold.


gold compilation

Rose Gold

Romantic, fashionable, feminine. Rose gold's romantic rosy pink hue is crafted with a blend of copper and yellow gold. What's more, rose gold doesn't tarnish.

Yellow Gold

The traditional and timeless choice of wedding ring metal, yellow gold never goes out of fashion. Yellow gold is highly polished for a bright finish.

White Gold

The pale, silver colour of white gold is crafted by mixing yellow gold with other white metals. One thing to note about white gold is that it does lose its shine over time. However, the brightness can be easily restored with a fresh coating of Rhodium every once in a while.

With our T. H. Baker wedding rings, your first rhodium re-plating is complimentary.


Thirty times rarer than gold, platinum makes for a luxurious choice. Platinum's rarity makes it more expensive than the other precious metals. However, this white metal is extremely hardwearing and a perfect choice for stone-set rings as it holds diamonds and gems securely.


Relatively new to the jewellery industry is palladium. This metal belongs to the same family as luxurious platinum, however it is much lighter and more affordable. palladium offers a natural white finish and while similar in price to white gold doesn't require a Rhodium plating.

Other Options

Other metals available for wedding rings include sterling silver, titanium and zirconium. You can also purchase two-tone rings which offer two different colours of metal, such as rose and white gold.

Choose Your Ring Profile

The ring profile refers to the shape of the metal band. There are many varieties including court, flat court, diamond set court, diamond set flat court and D Shape. You can choose the style you think looks best and feels most comfortable to wear.


Wedding Ring Profile Guide

Choose Your Band Width

This is down to personal preference. But if you have a slender finger, you may want a smaller band width and a broader finger tends to suit a larger size. Our band widths range from 1.35mm up to 10mm. Sizes can vary depending on the style of ring.

Optional Extras


There are different edges that feature on selected wedding rings. These include bevelled, beaded, latticed and milgrain.

Finishing Touches

With wedding rings from T. H. Baker, finishing touches are complimentary. We have eight finishes available including brush and matt. 

Personalised Engraving

Engraving is available on selected wedding rings so you can write an endearing message or inscribe the date of your wedding for a personal touch.

What's Special About a T. H. Baker Wedding Ring?

Our wedding bands are crafted from metal tubes as opposed to liquid moulds.

This gives the metal a much stronger structure that is made to last, like the eternal love you share with your partner. What's more, the metal bands from our T. H. Baker collection come with our unique hallmark. 

All our rings are made to size as opposed to being resized.

We can measure your ring size in-store. Alternatively, you can use our printable ring size guide. To ensure you get the correct size, please follow the printing instructions carefully. We cater for all sizes from H - Z+.

Competitive Prices.

We offer competitive prices on our wedding rings, to offer the best quality for the best price.

Find The Perfect Match At T. H. Baker

At T. H. Baker, we offer excellent customer service both in-store and online. We love to help couples on their unforgettable journey from those first thoughts of getting engaged to tying the knot and beyond. With over 130 years experience in the jewellery industry, you can buy from us with confidence. We wish you all the best on your quest to find the perfect wedding rings. 

Explore our Wedding Rings Collection in store or online today. 

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