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Top 10 Watch Parts and Components - Beginners Guide
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By Emma
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Top 10 Watch Parts and Components - Beginners Guide

We're listing the top 10 watch parts and components for beginners! From the bezel, to the crown, discover the basic pieces found on your timepiece. 


Top 10 Watch Parts and Components

Dial or Watch Face

The dial is the technical term for the watch face.

Sub Dial

On most fashion watches the sub dial acts as a seconds counter. However, on more complex watches, sub dials can also show date functions or elapsed time when a chronograph (stopwatch) function is activated.


The Bezel is the metal ring around the dial. Sometimes the bezel is used for other functions, known as complications. This can include gauging time on chronograph functions, such as on the Cosmograph invented by Rolex.

Strap or Bracelet

The watch strap or bracelet is designed to wrap securely around your wrist. The strap can be made from a variety of materials, including leather, fabric, stainless steel, rubber and ceramic. If it's made from metal or has separate links, it is known as a bracelet. However, if it's a continuous flexible band then it is known as a watch strap.

Lug Ends

The lug ends refer to the part of the watch that connects the watch head with the strap or bracelet. The case is often attached by a pin. The two main pin mechanism varieties include spring pins and screw pins, and are also used to attach the separate links of a bracelet.


These are the pointers on the dial which you use to read the time. The longer pointer is the minute hand, while the shorter one is the hour marker. Most watches also have a seconds hand.

Clasp or Buckle

The clasp or buckle refers to the fastening mechanism on the strap or bracelet. This is the only watch component not visible on the diagram above.

Crown or Button

Usually positioned on the right-hand side of the watch, the crown acts as a winder on a mechanical watch. On more complex watches, the crown can also be used to alter the date.

Date Window

This is not a feature found on all watches, however it is popular. The date window simply shows the day of the month and is a secondary function to time-telling.

Mineral Crystal Glass

This is the cover or glass case of the watch face that protects the dial. A popular material for affordable and fashion watches is mineral crystal glass. However, you can also find sapphire crystal on luxury watches - a more hardwearing material that is scratch resistant. In fact, sapphire crystal can only be scratched by diamond!

We hope you found this list of watch parts for beginners helpful. 

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