What's New At T H Baker

Have you noticed anything different about our new website? We’ve had a complete overhaul to bring you a more efficient online service, where you can browse quickly and easily to find exactly what you’re looking for.

On our new website, you’ll notice we’ve collected all of our T H Baker stores, including their locations and opening times, in an easy to find page titled ‘VISIT A STORE’. Here, you’ll also be able to use google maps to browse the inside of our stores and see the layout.

We’ve also added some useful information alongside each of our search categories, for example, if you hover your cursor over PANDORA, you will see in the left column some handy titles such as, Learning PANDORA, Types of Jewellery and THB Favourites; these have been put in place to give you a closer look at one of our favourite brands.

If you follow the same procedure as above, you will also notice that we have put together some handy wedding and engagement tips for you, as well as some useful information about diamonds. And, if you’re stuck for a gift, we have many ideas to help you find something they’ll love.

If you want to know about all the Services we have in store, check out the bottom of the Home Page. All of these services can be undertaken at your local T H Baker by one of our personable team members.

If you love vintage pieces, we suggest you take a look at our PRE-OWNED Collection. You’ll find many prestigious timepieces including Rolex watches, as well as opulent jewellery ready for a new lease of life.

So have a browse and see what you can discover on the new T H Baker website.