What you need to know about Platinum

Famed for its colour, strength, and nobility, platinum is by far on of the most highly sought after metals available on the market today. But where does it come from? Why is it in high demand? And why is the price of platinum higher than most other metals? All will be explained as we deliver to you the facts and figures about platinum.

Where does it come from?

Platinum arrived on this earth via meteorites buried deep in the earth’s mantle. It is rarely found on its own and is usually mined and extracted from other metal ores.


Why is platinum priced higher than other metals?

The reason why platinum is priced higher than other metals with a similar appearance is due to its rarity. Did you know that there are only 6 platinum mines in the world to date? It’s 30 times rarer than gold, with a ratio of 1 platinum mine to 10 gold mines. Every year 88 tonnes of platinum is made into jewellery compared to the 2,700 tonnes of gold. In fact, it is said that if all of the platinum in the world was poured into an Olympic sized swimming pool it would only come up to your ankles.


What other metals are similar to Platinum?

Platinum belongs to the same chemical family as palladium, rhodium, iridium and ruthenium, which along with cobalt are alloyed with platinum to change its working properties to make it more suitable for jewellery making.


Why do people prefer platinum to other metals?

Many people choose platinum for engagement and wedding rings because it will not tarnish over time and has incredible strength, making it perfect for couples who lead a varied lifestyle and are in need of a ring that will easily adapt. Also, due to its colouring, platinum makes a perfect background for diamonds, creating a sparkle that will last forever.


Does Platinum tarnish?

The simple answer is no. Platinum is a noble metal and is highly resistant to heat and acids.


How do you care for platinum?

Clean your platinum jewellery gently with a mild solution of soap and warm water, gently rubbing with a soft cloth.


At T H Baker, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the highest quality platinum items to our customers. Whether you’re purchasing a wedding band or an engagement ring, you can be certain that you are receiving an item of quality. If you have any further questions about any of our platinum jewellery please feel free to call a member of our team, or call into one of our stores to view our collection in person.