Wedding Superstitions

Ever wondered why brides wear a touch of blue on their wedding day or why it’s bad luck to see each other the night before the big day? Join us as we discover the wedding superstitions and traditions behind the special moments of your big day.

The Ring


Before the discovery of the circulation system, it was believed that a vein ran directly from the fourth finger on the left hand, all the way to the heart; because of this connection, the descriptive name ‘vena amoris’, Latin for the vein of love, was chosen for this particular vein. Due to its choice of name Roman’s began wearing their ring on this finger. How romantic! Find your perfect rings for the special day in our wedding rings collection.

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue

The old saying is one that has been passed through generations, originating from an old English rhyme. Thought to be one of the most important traditions to follow on the big day, each of the four objects is thought to bring luck. Something old is said to represent continuity, something new is about looking towards a bright future; something borrowed symbolises borrowed happiness and something blue is for purity and love. Most of the items will be gifted to you by your family on the day, however if you’re looking for something blue to add to your big day we have a beautiful range of deep blue sapphires set with stunning sparkling diamonds which will make the perfect addition to your bridal outfit.

The Veil

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Wearing a veil stems back to the Romans who believed that wearing a veil protected the bride from evil spirits who might attend the wedding. For something extra special on your wedding veil, why not take inspiration from PANDORA who suggest asking each of your bridesmaids to pick a special charm and decorating your veil with them for the big day.

Pearls s5s18_0685025-333678Traditionally the groom or the father of the bride gives the bride pearls on her wedding day. It is thought that pearls symbolise unblemished perfection, purity and innocence. The ancient Greeks believed pearls ensure marital bliss and prevent newlywed brides from crying. Find a beautiful selection of pearls online or in store for your special day.

For more ideas for your wedding day, head to our wedding shop, or speak to our knowledgeable, friendly store teams, who will be happy to help you select the perfect pieces for your memorable moments.