Wedding Band Settings

Traditionally, wedding bands have always been simple plain bands, however, over the years we’ve seen a growth of wedding bands encrusted with diamonds, engraved with words and patterns, and misshapen to accentuate and fit engagement rings.

To show you the variety we have available, here are a few variations on wedding ring settings for you to see for yourself.

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Above, you'll see on the left we have a plain wedding Band, and on the right, we have an engraved wedding band with set diamonds. The engraved design is perfect for couples looking for a modern twist on

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Diamond Set Wedding rings are a luxurious choice for many couples. We provide many rings boasting various settings including channel and pave.


If you are looking for a shaped wedding band to fit your engagement ring, we have many rings for you to choose from including diamond set and plain bands in various preciouse metals.


And finally, if you're looking for a wedding ring that incorporates your favourite gemstones, we have many featuring rubies, emeralds and sapphires for you to choose from.