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Wedding Band Settings
Posted in: Weddings
By TH Baker Blogger
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Wedding Band Settings

Traditionally, wedding bands have always been simple plain bands, however, over the years we’ve seen a growth of wedding bands encrusted with diamonds, engraved with words and patterns, and misshapen to accentuate and fit engagement rings. To show you the variety we have available, here are a few variations on wedding ring settings for you to see for yourself. st-rl53a_0409062-329946 st-r461ts_040779r-336200 Above, you'll see on the left we have a plain wedding Band, and on the right, we have an engraved wedding band with set diamonds. The engraved design is perfect for couples looking for a modern twist on 50j08wg-33_0148193-348396 p4563-01_0152063-340448 18dr128-y_014708r-335659_5 Diamond Set Wedding rings are a luxurious choice for many couples. We provide many rings boasting various settings including channel and pave. 04-07-32r_1 If you are looking for a shaped wedding band to fit your engagement ring, we have many rings for you to choose from including diamond set and plain bands in various preciouse metals. 9052-9y-dq10r_010634r-348878_818dr209-s-w_014901r-335545_5 And finally, if you're looking for a wedding ring that incorporates your favourite gemstones, we have many featuring rubies, emeralds and sapphires for you to choose from.    
5 years ago