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Watch Water Resistance Guide: Swimming and Diving
Posted in: Watches
By Emma
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Watch Water Resistance Guide: Swimming and Diving

Water resistant watches are serious business if you enjoy water sports or underwater activities.

Our simple watch water resistance guide can help you choose the right watch for your water activities, including swimming, scuba diving and deep-sea diving. Whether you're a professional diver or planning to swim in the pool this summer, this guide is for you.

Splashing Water

How are watches water resistant?

Most watches can endure light splashes and rainfall. However, watches for water activities need to have a stronger seal so that water cannot get inside the mechanism or dial of the watch. They also need to withstand more pressure than a regular timepiece. The first water resistant watch case was created in 1880 by François Borgel. 

Divers watches are tested to see how water resistant they are. The level of water resistance is often displayed on the watch dial. Water resistance is measured in metres (M), atmospheres (ATM), feet (FT) or bars. This refers to the depth the watch should endure. It all sounds very simple, but...

The depth attributed to a divers watch should be taken with a pinch of salt. The conditions in the tests are controlled and do not represent the real life situation of diving.

Deep Sea Divers

What does this mean?

This means that while your watch has been allocated 100m water resistance, it doesn't make that watch necessarily suitable for that depth.

However, we have created an easy to understand guide to help you choose which diver's watch you require.

Watch Water Resistance Guide

Watch Water Resistance Guide

It's important to note that while many water resistant watches are suitable for wearing while bathing and showering, this only applies to cool or cold water. Exposing or submerging a watch in hot water is not advisable.

Which brands offer water resistant watches?







Aftercare for your divers watch:

Remember, if you get your battery replaced you will need to have your watch resealed by a specialist. It's also worth having your divers watch checked once a year. At T. H. Baker, we have a professional team who can check your divers watch. Just bring it in to your local store.

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