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Types Of Jewellery
By TH Baker Blogger
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Types Of Jewellery

There are many different types of jewellery within our Pandora collection. Many of the items cross over from category to category; it is due to this interchangeably why we have decided to tell you a little bit more about each of them in a bid to explain their uses, and how you can use them to start recording your precious moments. Charms and Beads 05-63-443 791172nck_0563861-343778 We have a wide variety of charms and beads in many different designs and colours for you to choose from. These charms and beads have been created to fit onto Pandora bracelets, necklaces and earrings in various different ways. *Please note - To attach your charm or bead onto your classic Pandora bracelet, you will need to screw the bead past the threaded node at the end of the bracelet where you would place into the clasp. However, there are those that will easily thread through. There are two different collections of charms and beads, the first is the classic collection, featuring a variety of designs that will fit the classic bracelets, necklaces and earrings. The second is the Pandora Essence collection. This is a smaller collection of beads that have been created to only fit Pandora Essence bracelets. The reason why they only fit Essence bracelet is because they have a silicone structure on the inside making the hole smaller to fit and grip onto the thinner bracelets. Bracelets and bangles Pandora Bracelets come in various shapes, sizes and designs. The most popular creation is the classic Pandora charm bracelet. These bracelets allow you to collect various charms that depict your precious moments and style. The classic charm bracelets have small bumps located either side of the centre of the bracelet and are there to attach clips onto. We suggest that when you purchase a classic snake chain bracelet, you also purchase 2 clips to attach onto the bumps on the bracelet. The reason why we suggest this is because, over time your bracelet will give slightly (no more than half a centimetre) and the clips will allow for an even stretch across the bracelet. 05-41-023 We also have Pandora Essence bracelets. These bracelets are slightly smaller than the classic ones and appear more delicate. These bracelets have been specifically designed to hold Pandora Essence beads which are much smaller in size than the classic beads and will not fit the classic bracelets. 05-31-01b *Please note - To open your Pandora Bracelet or Bangle, you must hold the clasp and look between the ‘P’ and the ‘A’, there you will see a thin groove, place your nail into the groove and push down. As you push down, pull the other side of the clasp with your other nail until it opens. Clips 791427cz We suggest that with every purchase of a classic Pandora charm bracelet, you also purchase 2 clips. The reason for this is to allow an even stretch across the bracelet as it is worn on a daily basis. These clips open just like clasps and are attached to the small bumps on the bracelet. Earrings 290538en12_0548161-348034 05-48-192 Pandora earrings come in a variety of styles including studs, droppers and charm carrier earrings. Charm carrier earrings are created using three different components. The first is the charm or bead; this is placed onto the second component; the barrel. This barrel is then threaded onto the hook which is then ready to be worn. Necklaces pandora_1 390362cz We have a variety of Pandora necklaces available for you to discover. If you love the charm bracelet concept, we also have charm carrier necklaces in the same design as the classic Pandora charm and Essence bracelets. These are just simply extended versions to fit around your neck. However, if you’re looking for a simple chain or one with a pendant already attached, then there are many for you to choose from. The chains have a distinct feature where there are three loops for the trigger to clasp onto. Each loop is spaced approximately 2 inches apart, allowing you to alter the length of your necklace and change the look completely to suit your outfit and the occasion. Pendants 791322cz_0563245-348059 Pandora pendants come in a variety of styles and metals, incorporating semi-precious and precious stones. Which one you choose it entirely up-to-you. Rings 190854pop_055256r-342878_3 05-66-83r We have a wide variety of Pandora rings for you to discover within our collection, each one has been crafted with high-quality materials, incorporating semi-precious and precious stones to suit your style and budget. One of the key concepts with many of our Pandora rings is that they have been designed to stack on top of each other while others are simply great statement pieces. Safety chains 791088-05_0544122-341990 Pandora safety chains are handy little devices to help you keep your bracelets and precious charms safe. Each one has been beautifully designed in various metals such as 14ct gold and sterling silver, to compliment your current collection of charms and beads. To attach your Pandora safety chain, first hold the end with the small hinge attached to the chain. As you thread your safety chain onto your bracelet, you will then see that the hinge prevents the chain from becoming twisted and taught. Spacers 05-65-735 (1) Spacers are great if you want to separate dropper charms on your bracelets. They also come in various designs so you can create your own patterns with them.
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