Top 5 mother’s day gift ideas

Yes my fellow sons and daughters, mother’s day is just around the corner, and you know this is the second date next to her birthday that you really shouldn't forget. For those of you who are already sprouting ideas of what to get your darling mother, may we suggest a few ideas that we guarantee she’s going to love.

To start, we have selected this Swarovski Christie 3 colour crystal ring set. The trio of rings fit together beautifully when placed on the finger, or equally as gorgeous when worn separately.

Some of you may choose this trio to represent yourself and other siblings, which makes it a great excuse for you to get everyone to chip in and buy it her.

swarovski rings

Now, if your mother loves a touch of sparkle on an evening, then this Swarovski earring and necklace set is tremendously glamorous, each stone will vivaciously twinkle in an effortless manor.


Perhaps your mother pours elegance and sophistication into every inch of her attire, if so, she is going to love these Thomas Sabo rose gold plated purity of lotos earrings. The design is exquisite, refined and utterly sublime, thus making them the ideal gift.


In order to show her how precious the time with her is, surprise her with this DKNY watch and bangle set. DKNY is famous for injecting the spirit of women from around the world into their contemporary designs. And, not only will she love it, she will also welcome something fresh and youthful, as opposed to the usual box of chocolates and a stale card.


And finally, invite your mother to discover the wonders of Pandora’s Box and the possibilities that wait. With one of our bracelets, she will be able to actively collect numerous charms that express her life and loves. And, to start her off on this journey, this bracelet comes with her first charm, a heart with the proud title 'mum' engrave on it in various ways.



James Tissiman