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Top 10 Chain Necklace Styles You Need To Know
By Emma
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Top 10 Chain Necklace Styles You Need To Know

From the belcher, to the curb, to the Prince of Wales, we're revealing the top 10 chain necklace styles you need to know.

1. Albert Chain

Designed to make pocket watches more accessible, the Albert chain features a T-bar at one end traditionally designed to fasten to a buttonhole on a waistcoat.

9ct rose gold Albert T-bar chain necklace

2. Belcher Chain

Supposedly named after the 18th century bare-knuckle boxing champion, James Belcher, the Belcher chain features oval links with a distinctive alternating pattern.

gold heart padlock and three row belcher chain bracelet

3. Byzantine Chain

Look up the word Byzantine and you get one of two definitions. The first is anything relating to the ancient Byzantium empire, part of the Roman empire, and the second refers to the adjective form meaning 'excessively complex'. Both aptly describe the byzantine chain style. The Byzantium empire was known for its ornate and extravagant use of gold in jewellery, with chains worn for decoration and showing status. The byzantine chain is heavier and crafted with a more complex pattern than the other chain styles.

9ct yellow gold byzantine chain bracelet

4. Curb Chain

The Curb chain is a classic. Crafted from circular or oval gold links, this chain style is flat and available with both small, dainty links or larger and heavier ones for a bolder style. Extensions of the curb chain include double and twist varieties for a more ornate style.

T H Baker 9ct Gold 20 Inch Hollow Flat Curb Chain necklace

5. Figaro Chain

With origins in Italy, the Figaro chain is crafted with flat links typically featuring a sequence of three short circle links followed by a longer link.

9ct yellow gold figaro chain

6. Prince of Wales Chain

The Prince of Wales chain offers a complex linking system with each link attaching to at least four others. The twist design adds to the complexity of this chain style.

Silver Prince of Wales chain bracelet

7. Rope Chain

The Rope chain offers a beautiful and tightly-woven plait design which closely resembles the appearance of rope.

second hand gold rope chain necklace

8. Snake Chain

The Snake chain is so called because of its likeness to the scaly skin of a snake. It might not sound attractive, but it is a popular chain type with its smooth, flexible finish.

T H Baker Silver 18 Inch Round Snake Chain necklace

9. Spiga Chain

Also known as the wheat chain, the Spiga chain is crafted with links that twist or braid together. The finishing effect looks distinctively like wheat - hence the name.

Second hand 9ct yellow gold spiga chain necklace

10. Trace Chain

Similar to the belcher, the Trace chain is crafted from an alternating pattern of thin oval or circular metal links. The key difference is that the trace chain links fit closer together, creating a more elegant, dainty finish.

Second hand gold trace chain necklace

We have a large selection of new and second hand chain necklace styles available online. Discover chain necklaces and bracelets crafted from silver, stainless steel and gold today.

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