The Master Co-Axial from Omega

World leaders in haute horology and innovation, Omega continues to leave other watchmakers in the past, as they charge into the future with the new Master Co-Axial.

Continuing Omegas 166 year history in innovation they present, the Master Co-Axial. Distinguished from its predecessors, the Master Co-Axial boasts the world’s first industrialised anti-magnetic movements.

Why an anti-magnetic watch I hear you ask? Every day we are faced with small invisible magnetic charges from everyday objects around the home and at work. These small magnetic fields, over time, can damage the precision of your timepiece and possibly cause it to stop. With a legacy of challenges met, Omega has managed to create a watch that will combat this effect and remain reliable.

15 years of evolution at Omega HQ, finally led to this spectacular timepiece. The Master Calibre features a new alloy crafted from non-ferromagnetic materials, silicon balancing spring (Si14), chronometer and Co-Axial escapement, renowned for its reduced friction and greater mechanical efficiency over time. Most of these miniature components – including the revolutionary Co-Axial escapement – are near to impossible to see with naked eye. However the benefits of their labour certainly not go unnoticed.

This timepiece is an underscoring their horological prowess and commitment to innovation, design and quality. Omega is master in the watch making world and each timepiece is, in itself an heirloom made for generations to come.

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