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Birthstone of the Month: Sumptuous Sapphires
By TH Baker Blogger
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Birthstone of the Month: Sumptuous Sapphires

With a depth of colour that oozes sophistication and glamour, sapphire, the birthstone for September is undeniably beautiful. With famous fans and style icons steeped in royalty, the sapphire has inevitably become the stone of choice for engagement rings, often replacing the diamond as a top runner for those looking for something a little different. A classic and timeless beauty, the Sapphire is a stone to cherish for years to come. An exotic stone sourced from Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Myanmar, Tanzania and Australia the sapphire has long been associated with romance. Derived from the Greek word Sappheiros, the Greek aristocracy were thought to wear sapphires to protect against envy and harm, while clergy of the middle ages wore blue sapphires to represent heaven. Although they make the perfect precious stone for engagements and September birthdays, the Sapphire also represents the 45th wedding anniversary and makes a precious and timeless gift for the one you love. Sapphire ring Whatever the occasion we have the perfect gift to match, whether it’s a piece from our top brands such as Thomas Sabo, Nomination and Links of London, or something extra special from our T H Baker collection where you’ll find pieces expertly crafted from gold and silver and finished with sumptuous sapphires and dazzling diamonds.   Why not pop into store where our experienced store team can help you pick out the perfect gift for your loved one so they have something to cherish for years to come.
4 years ago