Starting A Collection

Starting your own collection of PANDORA jewellery couldn’t be easier, however, there are a few tips you may want to consider before you start adding items to your basket.

First things first, are you a PANDORA Essence fan or a Classic PANDORA lover? What’s the difference I hear you ask? Well, the PANDORA Essence collection is a very delicate line of bracelets and beads, built on a concept that speaks to your inner values and emotions. The bracelets are much thinner than the classic ones and only the PANDORA Essence beads can fit on to them. This is because the beads have special silicone grips on the inside so when you thread them on to the bracelet they remain in the position you put them in. The beads come in a variety of different designs and colours, however, what makes them different is the subtle word that appears around the outside of the hole. These words include; courage, passion, love, compassion, etc. Each bead is different and will speak to the wearer in a unique way.

If you’re a fan of the popular Classic PANDORA collection, then you’ll love the wide variety of different beads and charms available, with each season ushering in new collections that follow the current fashion trends.

The bracelets in this collection vary from bangles to snake chains and it is useful to note that they are slightly larger in size than the Essence collection.

When you choose to purchase your first classic snake chain bracelet and charm, we suggest that you also purchase 2 clips to go either side of the chain. These clips grasp onto the small bumps on the bracelet positioned either side of the centre front. The reason for this is that with all snake bracelets, there is a certain amount of stretch that may occur over time, but don’t worry, this is normal and will only add a maximum of half a centimetre onto the length of the bracelet. These clips are there to create an even stretch across the bracelet and prevent the charm from moving too much.

When choosing the right size of your bracelet, we suggest that you measure your wrist with the addition of 2 extra fingers in place. This will provide you with the perfect length for your bracelet and will allow you to add additional charms to your bracelet, without the worry of it becoming too tight over time.

If you are still worried about starting your collection, we have many complete bracelets with 2 clips and a charm to get you started with.

pandora may birthstone complete bracelet

For more information about the different types of PANDORA Jewellery and the brand, take a look at our blog for all of your PANDORA Needs.