Ring Style

There are many ring styles to consider when buying a ring for yourself or a loved one. However, many of these can be whittled down to a select few if you ask yourself just one question, are you looking for a classic design, vintage or contemporary? Once you have attained this answer, you can then hone your search to a select few.
From our collection, we’ve picked out a few examples of different styles of rings suited to classic, vintage and contemporary.


Three stones setting - these rings are perfect for ladies who love a touch of timeless sparkle. The design is simple, effortless and refined, but the diamonds are a real eye-catcher.

Three Stone Three Stone

Prong setting – this is a common setting for all classically designed rings, firmly holding each diamond to help it attain maximum sparkle.

Prong Setting Prong Setting


Halo – many smaller diamonds surround a larger diamond to achieve a blazing display of faceted sparkle.

Halo Set Stones Halo Set Stones

Pave – in these rings, the diamonds have been set very closely together either around a diamond or dispersed across the band creating a twinkling display of beautiful diamonds.

Pave Setting Pave Setting


Channel set diamonds are ultra modern. This is a design where a path in the band has been cleared and diamonds have been set securely inside to create a flow of iridescent sparkle.

Channel Set Channel Set