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What is a Promise Ring?
By Tessa Lye
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What is a Promise Ring?

A promise ring is a symbol of love and commitment. They can given as a gift from one partner to another, but some couples arrange to exchange rings to show the seriousness of their relationship. Despite boasting a rich history stretching back to Biblical times, modern views and attitudes towards marriage and engagement have influenced a resurgence in the popularity of these romantic tokens of dedication.

Why give a promise ring?

Promise rings are often viewed as a pre-engagement ring, given with the promise of one day replacing it with a traditional engagement ring. Some people give them in the early stages of their relationship to show their partner their dedication without the pressure or formality of an engagement ring. 

It is also becoming increasingly common for couples to either delay getting married or indeed not get married at all. Promise rings give you a romantic way to celebrate your relationship and show the world you're spoken for.

Another popular option is to use a promise ring as a 'placeholder'. It's no secret that engagement rings can be costly, so many partners don't want to risk purchasing a ring that their partner doesn't love. Purchasing a less expensive promise ring means you can have all the fun of a surprise proposal, and your partner can choose the engagement ring of their dreams at a later date.

How should you wear a promise ring?

Many people are unsure about which finger they should wear their promise ring on. The good news is that promise rings are very flexible in this regard, and you can choose what feels right for you and your situation.

It's popular to wear your promise ring on your ring finger - your fourth finger on your left hand. Some people then replace this ring with an engagement ring and may choose to wear the promise ring on another finger instead. This is especially popular with those who have been proposed to with a placeholder promise ring. Other people simply continue to wear their promise ring on their left hand ring finger and add their engagement and wedding rings on top, as they feel their promise ring represents an important step in their relationship. 

Some people don't want people to mistakenly think they're engaged, so they wear their promise ring on a different finger all together. 

Which style should I choose?

This is another question to which the answer is essentially entirely up to you. You could choose a traditional engagement ring style, especially if you're using the promise ring as a placeholder.

a sworvski crystal silver solitaire ring with stone-set shouldersrose gold ring with pink morganite stone surrounded by a halo of white diamondsa silver ring with rectangle cubic zirconia stones


You may want to opt for a subtler style that will compliment a future engagement ring if you're going to wear them together. Some people wear their promise ring, followed by their engagement ring, and finish their stack with their wedding ring. In this case, diamond-set or stone-set bands make for a brilliant option.

gold-tone swarovski crystal eternity ringsilver diamond channel set half eternity ringrose gold rope-style ring with diamonds

You should bear in mind that after getting married, some people like to give their partner an eternity ring to commemorate an anniversary, or a significant event such as the birth of a child. This ring is then worn alongside your engagement and wedding rings. If this appeals to you, you may want to consider wearing your promise ring on another finger once you become engaged.

leaf-design band ring with welsh goldsilver ring with red heart-shaped swarovski crystalopen heart ring with diamonds

Wearing a promise ring on a finger other than your ring finger gives you a wider variety of style options. We especially love these designs with heart motifs.

You might like the significance of marking this step in your relationship with diamonds, but plenty of other people opt for other gemstones, Swarovski crystals, or cubic zirconia. The advantage of this is you can easily find a ring that fits your budget and reserve funds for the engagement ring instead.

Can men wear promise rings?

Anyone can wear a promise ring. As well as stone-set rings, there are plenty of understated pieces available designed with a more traditionally masculine style in mind. You could opt for a plain band and even have a special message engraved.

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