Popular Brands

At T H Baker we have many popular brands for you to discover, all of which we are official retailers of. Our collections are constantly reinventing themselves with new styles for the current seasons and consistently deliver on quality and style. Below, we’ve chosen some of our favourites for you to discover, as well as a few hand-selected gems you may not have noticed before.


Famed for exquisitely cut crystal in some of the most luxurious designs, Swarovski never fails to beguile and entice us to keep on collecting their precious pieces. In our collection, you will discover many refined pieces of jewellery boasting precious metals including yellow gold, rose gold and sterling silver, all of which have been carefully set with Swarovski’s very own expertly cut crystals.


The world of PANDORA is waiting to be discovered within our personal collection of PANDORA Jewellery. Once you open Pandora’s Box you will be enamoured by the wide spectrum of charms, bracelets and necklaces that can be personalised or simply sparkle on their own. With each season comes fresh designs and seasonal hues to upscale your wardrobe, all you have to do is find your favourite.


A leader in the world of horology, our collection of Breitling watches is synonymous with precision, quality, luxury and boasts some of the most advanced chronograph mechanisms available on the market today.

Tag Heuer

Continuing to push the boundaries in the world of horology, our collection of Tag Heuer watches never crack under pressure. The innate precision and innovation these watches possess is a must for any individual looking to own a watch of distinction.

Pre-Owned Rolex

Synonymous with opulence, refinement and expert craftsmanship, our collection of Pre-Owned Rolex watches have been refurbished to a high standard and kept in mint condition. What this collection tells you is that prestige lasts forever.