Popping The Question

Congratulations, you’re going to ask the love of your life to marry you. But how, where and when? Well hopefully you have the ring, but if not, take a look at our guide to buying a ring she’ll love titled ‘Her Style’.

Now, for all of those well-prepared people out there, we have some great suggestions on how to pop the question. This should, however, be your choice, we are merely making suggestions to help you on your way.

Do’s and Dont’s

Don’t put the ring in their food – this can cause choking and could end up on someone else’s table if done in a restaurant.

Don’t ask empty handed – the ring is a symbol of commitment and eternal love, you need to show how much you want to marry her.

Don’t do it in front of an audience - there are those who this works perfectly, they usually know what the answer will be to start. However, youtube is filled with proposal fails in football stadiums, parks, restaurants, aquariums, you name it and there’s been an epic fail take place. This should be a personal moment for the both of you, don’t feel the need to share it – that’s what facebook is for after.

Don’t tell anyone about the plan – this is a sure-fire way to ruin the surprise. Keep it to yourself and then let people know.

Don’t expect her to say yes straight away - questions as big as this one usually need some consideration from the second party. So, don’t worry about not getting the answer straight away; it’ll come.

Do guard the ring - put it in a memorable place where they can't find it.

Do go down on one knee – you’ve seen it in practically every romcom, now’s the time to put it into practice – she will be secretly swept off her feet even if she doesn’t show it.

Do keep eye contact – this is important. A loving look is so much more poignant than a passing glance.

Do practice – whether it’s a simple popping of the question or a special dinner, you’ll want to get this moment just right, however, if a minor mishap does occur you always have a story to tell at dinner parties.

Do relax – yes this is an important time in any couple's relationship, but you don’t want to be shaking so much that you can’t get your words out.

After yes – you can now start telling everyone you know! Call your family first or else you won’t hear the end of it if they find out on facebook.