Perfect Pearls

Thanks to our love of all things vintage, the pearl is having a revival.  A gift of Mother Nature, the pearl is a lustrous organic stone loved for its timeless and sophisticated feel.  If you were lucky enough to be born in June, you have the perfect excuse to build your pearl collection as it is the birthstone of the month.

links of london effervescence star white pearl bracelet

A popular choice for brides on their wedding day and often gifted by the groom or father of the bride, pearls are thought to ensure marital bliss and prevent newlywed brides from crying.

This mystical stone is formed when a grain of sand or parasite enters the clam. The clam or mollusk then identifies the foreign material and reacts by coating it with layer after layer of soft shell, which hardens to create the perfectly round or pear-shaped pearls we know and love.

jersey pearl freshwater pearl cubic zirconia earrings

Cream and white pearls have an amazing lustre and brighten up any outfit when worn as a necklace. As well as the perfect gift for brides and those born in June, the pearl also represents a 30th wedding anniversary.

links of london june birthstone mother of pearl charm

Whether you’re buying for an occasion, or have fallen for the beauty of the pearl, at T H Baker we have a stunning range of classic and stylish pearls to choose from.