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T H Baker was founded in 1888 as a family-owned business and has since established itself as a leading independent jeweller whilst still remaining within the family. T H Baker has a network of popular stores across the UK. In all that time, it has remained a company that prizes quality, value and service above all.


The company’s rich heritage has provided a solid foundation on which to build today’s T H Baker, which retains the same traditional values but continually looks to expand in new and exciting ways.This includes giving T H Baker an online platform to showcase only the best jewellery and watches. As an authorised dealer, we seek to bring the same quality of customer service and product to shoppers online.


T H Baker operates 23 stores nationwide, located throughout the Midlands and southern England. Each store has its own assembled team of helpful staff ready to aid customers with extensive product knowledge. Go to our Stores section to find contact information for each store. The increasingly innovative spirit of T H Baker is perhaps best displayed by its recently established Pandora stores. Six of the company’s stores are special collaborations with the phenomenal jewellery brand, providing Pandora fans with a unique shopping experience. With a new development always in the pipeline, T H Baker hopes to offer even more choice in the future. To find out more about the legacy of T H Baker, take a look at our Company History.


In order for us to reach and maintain the high standards that we set for ourselves we actively try to engage with our customers, and appreciate people taking the time out to leave feedback of their experience. We actively try to share this with all of our customers so everybody can see exactly what they can expect. We do this by having all of our reviews conducted by Feefo – a completely independent 3rd party company who specialise in product and service reviews.we seek to bring the same quality of customer service and product to shoppers online.The customer has always been our highest priority. T H Baker’s collection of prestigious and designer brand name jewellery and watches offers the customer a wide choice of quality products at very agreeable prices.