Discover the New PANDORA summer 2016 Collection

The PANDORA summer 2016 collection tells a tale of oriental opulence and exotic ocean worlds, and presents jewellery that is filled with the elegance and excitement of this faraway splendour.

As we set into the brighter months of summer, we welcome a new collection of charms and jewellery.  Filled with Oriental and ocean inspired designs you’re sure to find the perfect gift for your loved one or as a treat to brighten up the summer months.

Oriental Bloom

Described by PANDORA as an assortment of lush shapes and surfaces in crimson red, teal, frosty mint and honeysuckle pink, each piece glistens as though covered in droplets of water, their beautiful forms caressed with lustre and brilliance.


pandora oriental bloom red enamel flower dropperSymbolising beauty, love, harmony and enlightenment in Asian culture, summer’s version of a traditional lotus flower, the Oriental Bloom dangle, reflects all of these qualities making it the perfect gift for a loved one.

pandora red glitter glass charm
Fiery red, associated with summer and symbolising happiness, good fortune and joy in traditional Chinese art and culture, features vividly this season. Glowing with crimson red hues and shimmering with iridescence are oriental-inspired Red Shimmer Glass charms, radiant on a classic sterling silver bangle. Expertly crafted from glittery Murano glass, set on a sterling silver core, the charms’ kaleidoscopic facets release fabulous light effects. The charms add a flirty twist to summer styles when worn with the coordinating Oriental Bloom dangle and dazzling statement pieces.

pandora oriental bloom fan charm

Celebrating a traditional symbol and referencing the precise pleats featuring in fashion are exquisite Oriental Fan charms in sterling silver. With striking futuristic appeal and art deco inspired origami details this charm is perfect when styled on a classic sterling silver bangle with the Red Shimmer Glass charm to put a modern spin on oriental chic.

pandora oriental blossom cz studs

pandora oriental blossom cz ring

Sweet and sumptuous, the Oriental Blossom stud earrings and matching ring breathe new life into micro florals with their feminine flair. Perfect to add minimalist details to your everyday look each piece is softened with a delicate air of femininity.

Oceanic Wonders

Next in the PANDORA summer 2016 collection enters a captivating underwater world that holds treasures beyond your wildest dreams. Exotic shores are filled with the promise of fun and memories to treasure forever.

pandora shimmering ocean blue ringPresenting a unique interpretation of the ocean and Art-Deco influences is the opulent Shimmering Ocean ring. Puresse cut cubic zirconia stones in a frosty mint hue sit atop stone-encrusted sterling silver lines as though riding through cascading waves. a colourful aesthetic, the Tropical Parrot dangle pops in glossy vivacious colours; Fashioned from teal and clear cubic zirconia stones and accentuated with tropical green and turquoise enamels, the Tropical parrot dangle is sure to brighten anyone’s day.

pandora shimmering ocean complete braceletFor those of you who are stuck for the perfect gift, we have a vast selection of PANDORA complete bracelets, which offer the perfect option for those who are looking for something extra special. Each one is made up to showcase our favourite charms and clips from the new collection and offers a perfect addition to any summer outfit.

Discover the full PANDORA summer 2016 collection in our Brighton, Kidderminster and Walsall stores. Or, you can shop on our sister site The Jewel Hut - official online retailer for PANDORA.