Omega and The Spy Who Loves It

Avid James Bond fans recognise that the world is not always enough, but Omega watches created especially to coincide with 007's cinematic espionage are definitely a good place to start.

The famous Swiss watch brand has a history as exciting as the spy who loves it. Founded by Louis Brandt in 1848, in Switzerland of course, Omega's journey as a defining brand of the watch industry has gone from strength to strength. In 1967 the 'Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph', worn by Buzz Aldrin, became the first watch on the moon and soon began to compete against Rolex for the title of 'King of Swiss Watch brands', and for the wrist of one particularly discerning super agent: James Bond.

As worn by the likes of Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig, the iconic Omega Speedmaster has been a star of the silver screen in a number of Bond box office blockbusters. What's more, you can uncover the style of the secret agent himself by spying on the Omega watches collection, available at House of Watches.

Created alike, the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean and the James Bond Skyfall Limited Edition Seamaster were released with the relentless 007 agent specifically in mind. These rugged James Bond themed timepieces venture from 42mm cases with matte black ceramic rotating bezels, 600 meters of water resistance and a helium release valve giving you the allowance to dive to the depths of the inky ocean if caught unawares by the bad guy's fluffy cat.

So what makes the most recent spin on Seamaster the perfect accompaniment for a globe-trotting icon travelling on Her Majesty's Secret Service? The Skyfall timepiece features an exclusive and upgraded version of the Omega 8507 Co-axial movement, keeping punctuality a priority down to the precise millisecond (perfect for those pesky super secret missions) and complete with a handsome back view through a clear sapphire window: here, you can see a unique black varnished rotor engraved with a brazen 'SKYFALL 007' insignia.

Adding to the aesthetics of the Skyfall model, this femme fatale of a watch continues with an MI6 flare from a signed 007 clasp, to an audacious '007' emblem instead of the regular 7 o'clock marker, contrasting against the grid-like textured dial and creating a bold statement befitting an international man of mystery.

Shaken, not stirred and by turns provocative and intriguing, these bold statement timepieces have been created as part of a limited edition collection. So if you're a true James Bond film buff, then one would definitely make the perfect addition to your collection.

With the 24th Bond movie already being plotted, one has to wonder what Swiss Seamaster surprises Omega will reveal late next year upon the release of the new film. View our Omega watches range for further classic and high-performance timepieces, perfect for any engagement whether black tie or saving the world.