Omega and Nicole Kidman celebrate the De Ville Butterfly collection

On 2 October at the Dongdaemon Design Plaza in Seoul, Omega celebrated the new De Ville Butterfly collection.

Attendees to the high profile event included, Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman (brand ambassador since 2005), Bastain Baker and current Omega President Steven Urquhart.

The passage leading up to the DDP was a serene sea of more than 21,000 white flowers, all on individual mounts and illuminated from the centre by a small light.

The proceedings began with Steven Urquhort welcoming the guests and introducing the irrepressibly beautiful, Nicole Kidman.
Omega and Nicole Kidman celebrate the De Ville Butterfly collection

After a show-stopping entrance Kidman talked to the crowd about her relationship with Omega, and her reaction to the new Butterfly De Ville watch.

Once dinner was over Mark Juh (master of ceremonies) announced Bastian Baker - A Swiss singer/songwriter, who has recently become an Omega ambassador. Bastian serenaded the crowd with an intimate concert and dedicated the final song of the evening to Nicole Kidman, titled ‘I’d sing for you’.

It is no surprise that this lavish event came from Omega, no other brand puts as much elegance or sophisticated edge on their endeavours quite as well.

The collection of De Ville Butterfly watches are a breathtaking display of divine craft and exquisite design. The inspiration for this collection came from the beauty found in nature. The butterfly motif on the dial is a reflection on Asian popular culture, which associates the delicate being with love and longevity.

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By James Tissiman