New In: Henry London Watches

T.H. Baker is proud to announce the newest arrival to our collection of watches: Henry London watches.

New to the world of horology, Henry London made its first début at Basel world 2015, fronted by the largest watch and gift distributor in the UK, Peers Hardy. It was here where the array of vintage inspired watches with a modern use of colour, grasped the attention of both the UK and international markets on a colossal scale.

The collections concept began with the purchase of a vintage mid-sixties watch brought on Portobello Market in London. The designer who purchased the watch showed it to her partner who also appreciated the design aesthetics; it was this shared enthusiasm which led to the couple seeing the potential of creating a completely androgynous collection of watches, where a neutral gender design is brought to life with bold colours that are entirely down to personal taste, thereby making the watch individual to the owner.

A key feature of these watches is the domed lens. This mid-sixties design feature is rarely seen in today’s watches, which is confusing because it distinctly draws attention to the dial making it appear so much more 3 dimensional.

The collection of Henry London watches we have available, all hold quartz movements with a select few boasting chronographs. We have a mix of both leather and Milanese strap watches in various colours, with many plated in a fashionable rose gold hue.

To give you a sample of what we have to offer, please see our hand selected collection below. For more information on what we have for offer, please see our entire collection of Henry London Watches and find your favourite.

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