Leap Year Proposals

Will you be popping him the question this leap year?

In Ireland, during the 5th century, St Brigid of Kildare approached St Patrick, with a problem. Women had been coming to her complaining that their spouses were taking too long to propose to them, therefore, she suggested that there should be a day when women could ask men to marry them. After deliberating the matter, St Patrick granted permission for women to propose marriage, but only once every four years on February 29th.

Thankfully, we now live in a world where women can ask whenever and whoever they wish to marry them. But, with little advice available on what to give him, we've put together a simple guide and collection of men's engagement gifts that we think will be perfect to pop the question with.


Man-gagement rings – the modern term for men's engagement rings. As with any engagement ring it is important to think about his personal taste and lifestyle, for instance, does he already wear jewellery, and if so, what colour and style? Does he work with his hands? If so, he may need a strong metal such as 9ct gold, platinum, palladium or titanium. Take a look at our wedding ring metal guide for more information.

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For an alternative to engagement rings, how about popping the question with a watch? A prestigious watch is both personal and masculine, with many modern couples choosing to opt for an engagement ring for the girl and a watch for the guy.

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Placement rings from GETi are great for those of you who are unsure about what style and size will suit your man. The cost of a placement ring is much lower than an engagement ring and will ultimately relieve the pressure for you to find that forever ring.

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Commitment rings are available from Thomas Sabo for those of you who do not wish to get married straight away; however you are both still committed to one another. It’s a wonderful symbol of devotion and stems from a more contemporary approach to coupling.

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In conclusion, whether you prefer to follow tradition or simply choosing Leap Year to give you a little boost of confidence to pop the question, love is forever and knows no boundaries and restrictions, ask in confidence when the time is right for you.