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Introducing MeisterSinger Watches: About, History, Collections
By Emma
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Introducing MeisterSinger Watches: About, History, Collections

We're introducing MeisterSinger Watches to our luxury watch repertoire. With less than 20 years in the watchmaking business, we're taking a look at how MeisterSinger's award-winning timepiece designs encourage us to slow the pace of our busy lives...

The Man Behind MeisterSinger

About Manfred Brassler

Manfred Brassler Founder of MeisterSinger watch brand

Manfred Brassler

In 2001 Manfred Brassler founded the MeisterSinger watch brand in the city of Münster, Germany.

As well as building the brand, Manfred Brassler also designed the watches.

Brassler was fascinated by the concept of time always racing on, pushing forwards. It was this, coupled with the traditional German tower clocks that influenced the unique design of the MeisterSinger watch...

Signature MeisterSinger Design

MeisterSinger watch photo

Most modern luxury watch brands have a tell-tale design feature that sets them apart.

For MeisterSinger their unique design trait is the single-hand watch.

This design was inspired by the tower clocks of middle ages. Interestingly, clocks from this period only had one pointer hand to tell the time. Minute hands were not added until the 1700s.

Traditional clock tower in Munster

Traditional Clock Tower in Münster

MeisterSinger watches are all about easy readability - to tell the time at a glance and not be distracted by the inessential.

These designs have won MeisterSinger a number of awards:

WatchPro's Watch of the year award in 2014 for their Neo Q design

6 times winner of the Red Dot design award

Despite triumphing minimal design, MeisterSinger also design a few watches featuring complications such as the moon phase and day date.

Key Design Features

Simple Design -

Inspired by primordial sundials and tower clocks

MeisterSinger No.01 Leather Strap Watch

Mens No.01 Automatic Leather Strap Watch

Won the Red Dot Design Award 2004

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Exceptional Power Reserves -

Created by twin in-line mainspring barrels

MeisterSinger Metris Fabric Strap Watch with black dial and red pointer

Mens Metris Automatic Fabric Strap Watch

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Swiss Made Automatic Movement

Each watch comes with either a hand-wound or self-winding movement

MeisterSinger Lunascope Leather Strap Watch with blue dial and moon phase

Mens Lunascope Automatic Leather Strap Watch

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Highly Domed Glass

MeisterSinger Pangaea Day Date Watch With Brown Leather Strap

Mens Pangaea Day Date Automatic Watch

Won Red Dot Design Award 2013

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The Name and Logo

This is perhaps the hidden gem of the brand's story - the secret meaning behind the name and logo.

MeisterSinger is named after a group of civil poets and singers from the 15th and 16th century.

As for the logo, this was inspired by one particular music note:

'With only one hour hand, our watches will give you a feeling of deceleration. And that is even what the logo above the name MeisterSinger, a fermata, stands for. It's an upside down fermata - it is the pause symbol in musical notation.'

Fermata music note

A Final Pause For Thought

MeisterSinger blue strap watch photo

MeisterSinger embraces the lifestyle of making time for yourself. The design of the watches encourage us to enjoy and appreciate the time that we have. While the well received 'Rituals of Time' campaign encourage fans to share the moments of deceleration in their busy schedules.

With the watchmaking world increasingly seeks to speed up the pace of our lives and enable us to do more in less time, with smart technology, Meistersinger's slower pace of life, uncluttered style and minimal design is a welcome change!

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