Her Style

When choosing an engagement ring it is important to review her style. Take note of what jewellery she already owns. Does she usually wear silver or gold jewellery? Does she have unique and ornate jewellery or is it more simplistic? All of these factors are important considerations that will reflect your purchase.

Below, we have put together our top tips on how to choose the perfect ring to suit her style.

Metal – Now, there are a few considerations to think about when choosing a metal. Firstly, you need to find out what colour jewellery she already owns or wears frequently. Is it predominantly silver or gold? Once you have reviewed this it’s then time to think about the variety of metals you can choose from and which one suits your budget.

At T H Baker, we have a vast supply of rings in various metals including 9ct yellow gold, 18ct yellow gold,  9ct white gold, 18ct white gold and platinum for you to choose from. Each has its own properties and distinct colouring to suit her style and personal taste.

Also, remember to purchase the wedding ring in the same metal as the engagement ring to avoid wear and scratching when both are worn together. You can find out more about ring metals in our ‘Wedding Ring Metal Guide'.

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Design – This is usually the one that most people worry about, however, it doesn’t need to be over complicated. We advise, again, looking at what jewellery she already owns, is it elaborate, big and sparkly or is it more refined, classic and minimalistic? Perhaps she doesn’t wear jewellery? If the latter is the case then you may want to opt for a more simplistic design.

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Diamonds or other precious stones – Diamonds are the classic option; however, it has become a recent trend for women to choose engagement rings with colour, perhaps ones with their own or their partners’ birthstones in? This style is usually down to personal taste and we suggest you ask someone they are close to for their opinion.


Solitaire or multi-stone - If the woman you are proposing to is quite the magpie for all things that sparkle, we think it’s more than likely a good idea to get her an engagement ring with a blazing display of diamonds for her to show off. However, there are those who do prefer a more modest style that is simple and perfectly elegant. In which case single or solitaire rings are the perfect choice.


Ring size – we urge you not to attempt tying a piece of string around your partners finger while they are asleep to get the right size, this seldom works and can result in you giving the game away. Instead, we suggest using our online ring size guide to help choose the right size. If, however, you cannot attain a ring that she has worn, simply choose the ring that you like and get it re-sized at one of our stores. For more information on ring re-sizing, take a look at our in store services page and find your nearest T H Baker Store.

So, which engagement ring will you pick? Discover our collection online and in store.