Everything you need to know about Garnets

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Garnets are fantastic gemstones available in a wide spectrum of colours including browns, reds, deeply saturated purplish reds, pinkish oranges, oranges, greens and on rare occasions, blues. With such a vast range of colour available, it’s understandable why the jewellery industry chooses to use them in on-trend jewellery pieces.


Garnets are found all over the world, usually in metamorphic rocks (rocks that have been altered by pressure and heat). However green garnet, tsavorite (the rarer type), is found at more unusual rock chemistries and need special conditions to form.



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Fast Facts - Did you know?


1. Garnet is the birthstone for January and is also the gem for the second wedding anniversary.


2. Garnets measure between 6.7 and 7.5 on Moh’s Scale, which means they are perfect for wearing every day and have a great resistance.


3. The term ‘Carbuncle’ comes from ancient times and was the term used to refer to red garnets (however this later became the word for all red stones). It was thought that a carbuncle was given to King Solomon by God.


4. Thousands of years ago, in Ancient Egypt, garnets were entombed with the pharaohs of Egypt as prized possessions.


5. In Ancient Rome, signet rings were carved from red garnets and used to stamp the wax that sealed important documents.


6. In the Middle Ages, red garnets were favoured by nobility and members of the clergy.


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