Engagement Ring Do's and Don'ts

For most people, the arrival of an engagement ring may also mean the arrival of their first piece of precious jewellery. Once the excitement of the new diamond on your finger starts to calm and your normal routine starts again, you may start to wander how you can keep it shining bright. Questions may start to arise about when it’s best to leave your ring safely in its box or how to fit your ring into your usual routine. Here are a few tips to keep your diamond sparkling and as beautiful as the day of your proposal.

taking care of your engagement ring

Make it shine

Over time your ring can collect a build up of oil and dirt. This can block the interaction of light as it hits your diamond meaning that you will get less of a sparkle. If the ring isn’t cleaned regularly, it’s not living up to its full glittering potential. Luckily, cleaning your ring only takes a few minutes. If you’re looking to clean it at home we’d recommend picking up a pot of diamond and gold cleaner from your local T H Baker. With a specialised formula this product is specially formulated to bring your diamond back to its former glory, so you’ll be showing it off all day.

Keep a close eye on it

We’d recommend a claw check at least once a year, so that we can examine your ring and check it’s in perfect condition. If you’re checking it yourself at home be sure to keep an eye on the length and thickness of the claws holding the diamond, as over time these can start to wear and may need a little TLC. If you’re worried about the security of the diamond in the claws, place your ring between two fingers, hold it up to your ear and give it a gentle shake; If you hear anything, then it’s time to get it tightened.  Pop it into store where we can get it checked over by our experienced goldsmiths so that you can continue to wear your precious ring without worry.

Know when to leave it at home

The rules about when to wear and when not to wear your ring often depend on the style, but as a general rule if you’re planning to do certain activities such as a day at the beach, its best to leave the ring safely at home. Activities such as swimming cause the body temperature to alter which can cause your finger to shrink in size. The same rule applies to occasions such as playing sport, doing DIY and housework as harsh chemicals can affect your ring. Whilst diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring mineral in the world, they can still fracture, bruise and chip if not cared for properly.

For all of your jewellery care needs, pop into store and speak to our experienced in store team who can advise how best to clean and care for your engagement ring, so that it will stay sparkling bright for many years to come.