Emerald - A bright history

This month our spotlight lands on Emerald, the birthstone traditionally given for May birthdays and for a 55th wedding anniversary gift. Carrying the rich green colour of spring it radiates a beautiful vivid tone sure to brighten up any birthday. Part of the Beryl family, Emerald is one of the rarest gemstones, sourced from Columbia, Brazil, Russia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Israel, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and China.

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A bright history

The emerald itself has adorned some of the most notable women in history. One of the most famous emeralds, originally worn by Elizabeth Taylor was a Platinum mounted Emerald and Diamond Necklace featuring 16 Octagonal step-cut Colombian Emeralds weighing 60.5ct in total, each surrounded by brilliant cut and pear shaped diamonds. The necklace was given to Taylor as a wedding present from her husband Richard Burton. The pendant, a step cut Colombian Emerald of 23.44ct, was given as a brooch in 1962 as an engagement present which she later wore on her wedding day. Together, Taylor wore the complete necklace in 1966 when she received the Oscar for Best Actress. The complete necklace is worth over $12million.

The green emerald is thought to represent rebirth and is said to bring the wearer good fortune, foresight and eternal youth.

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Why an emerald?

With many special occasions tied to the emerald, here at T H Baker we have a stunning collection of items to make the perfect gift. With a rich green colour, the emerald compliments white and yellow gold beautifully and lends itself to both vintage and modern styles. For a unique engagement ring, browse our emerald and diamond clusters which offer an ideal way to pop the question for the May baby in your life. For birthdays and anniversaries, we have a selection of stunning pieces that will be cherished for years to come.

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