Discover the New PANDORA Mothers Day 2016 Collection

Discover the latest PANDORA Mother’s Day 2016 collection.

T H Baker is proud to announce the latest arrival of charms, jewellery sets, complete bracelets and charm sets from PANDORA, featuring some of the most loving charms that will really show her how much you care this Mothers Day.

Whether she’s your own mother, your wife, grandmother or someone who holds all of the loving qualities that a mother should have, mother’s day is the one time in the year to tell her how much you appreciate all of the things she does and all of the love she gives to you, and what better way than with jewellery?

Throughout the new PANDORA 2016 Mothers Day collection you will see small lines emerging with similar aesthetics, for example, the love knot range features sparkling knots that represent the firmly tied bond between mother and child.

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Hearts; the universal symbol of love is instantly recognisable and automatically makes us all feel warm and fuzzy on the inside when we see them. In the new collection, you will find many hearts with either the word ‘mum’ inscribed or hearts tied up with love lines and bows, making each one the perfect gift this mother’s day.

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We've also created many complete bracelets to get your mother started on her own PANDORA journey.

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If you’re looking for a wider collection of charms you can always take a look at our PANDORA Mothers Day collection, showcasing a wide spectrum of charms from previous PANDORA mothers day collections.

And remember, if you’re near one of our PANDORA stores, feel free to pop in and view the collection in person or ask for gift advice from a member of our team.