Discover the Celestial ChloBo Luna Soul Collection

Plunge into the ChloBo Luna Soul Collection at T H Baker.

Filled with celestial symbols on delicate jewellery, the new ChloBo Luna Soul collection is clear summer nights in jewellery form. It’s a collection that will appeal to everyone who loves natural forms and elegant design.

chlobo rose gold plated luna soul moon and star ring

chlobo luna soul moon necklace


The ChloBo Luna Soul collection marks the 10th anniversary of ChloBo. Ever since designer and founder, Chloe Moss, unleashed her first collection inspired by her travels in Bali the industry couldn’t get enough of her stackable designs that reflect far-off cultures and distant traditions.

This year has been a year or reflection and revisiting for Chloe as she retraced her footsteps to the Island of Bali. It was only while by looking back on all of her wonderful travels that she realised, even though she had seen the sun rise and set in both hemispheres and in different colours and strengths; the moon has always been a comforting and reassuring figure in her life; flooding the landscape with light during the darkest hours.

Feeling inspired by what she had seen in the clear skies of Bali, Chloe began designing the Luna Soul Collection. With the predominant moon as the centrepiece of this collection along with a scattering of stars, we also see some old favourites that we have come to recognise over the years from ChloBo, including hearts, evil eye symbols and hamsa hands.

chlobo luna soul


If you love the sparkle and spiritual attributes associated with semi-precious stones; then the ChloBo Luna Soul Collection will be right up your street. Here’s a list of the stones used and some of the benefits they bestow on their wearer.

Grey Agate – used to promote good luck and balance energies
Pink Aventurine –provides smooth vibrations of universal love
Rose Quartz – the love stone, used for emotional healing and welcoming love into our life
Labradorite – used for calming and healing on both an emotional and spiritual level

chlobo luna soul rose quartz moon multi necklace

chlobo luna soul aventurine moon bracelet

So invite the celestial world into your wardrobe and reap the benefits hidden within the new ChloBo Luna Soul Collection.

Available online and in our Shrewsbury, Telford and Merry Hill stores.