Discover PANDORA's Pre-Autumn 2016 collection

Inspired by never ending friendship PANDORA’s Pre-Autumn collection illustrates a modern take on classic friendship. PANDORA believe that “true friendship lasts forever, it is a steady rock in stormy waters, a cheerleader during good times and a shining star that guides us on the rollercoaster of life.” The new collection celebrates friendship in its truest forms, echoing the tender sentiment that friendship starts with loving, loyal hearts that beat eternally.  A collection to honour inspirational guiding stars with dazzling symbols of appreciation, affection and uniqueness that make personal style truly personal.

pandora silver best friends forever dropper charmFor the friend that never leaves your side, treat her to the Best Friends dropper, a beautiful token of friendship. Crafted with sweet heart shapes in sterling silver and pink enamel, inscribed with “Best Friends” and “Always There” this delicate dropper can be worn as one on a necklace or a bracelet, or shared between friends

pandora silver best friends forever dropper charm

Honour your “BFF” with the Best Friends Forever dropper charm; a stunning tribute to wear as a badge of devotion. Featuring a double dangle for best friends forever to split and share; styled with twinkling infinity-inspired jewellery to extend the expression.

pandora silver infinity heart clip

Showcase your friendship through symbolic codes of love. Gift or wear a reminder that friends are always there for each other with the sleek and stylised Infinity Heart clip, shimmering with micro bead-set stones and embossed with universal symbols of love: a heart and an infinity sign.

pandora silver leo star sign charm

Let your star shine bright by wearing unique friendship constellations on bracelets. Symbolising cherished confidantes and their personalities, vintage-inspired Starsigns feature stylised illustrations, engravings and a sky full of openwork stars.

pandora silver cubic zirconia starry sky bracelet

The perfect partner to the Starsigns charms, the new bracelet features a double sided delicate starry sky on its clasp, making it the perfect addition to any PANDORA fans collection.

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