Definitely Dusty

At T H Baker, we want to celebrate the lives of the iconic stars of stage and screen, including the great artists who moulded the distinct eras in time. Let us take you on a journey of discovery as we bury ourselves in sands of time.

This month we are celebrating the panda-eyed, smoking sixties sensation with bouffant hair, Miss Dusty Springfield. Famed for such great hits as I Only Want To Be With You, Wishin’ and Hopin’, Some of Your Lovin’ and Burt Baccarats, I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself.

Dusty single handily shaped the sixties with her original sound and iconic image, making her a cultural icon of the decade. Dusty had a look that had it been a silhouette, everyone would have known it was her. It was a look that was almost as distinct as her music. Still today, if you were to hear 3 bars of her music, you can be transported to that era in time and know that it was Dusty's voice you were about to hear. She truly was a phenomenal artist with unrivaled talent and style.



dusty springfield


Prominent with the era of love and peace, daisies featured heavily on many of the stars, but no one wore them quite like Dusty. The jewellery featured here comes from our Daisy collection, each piece has been expertly crafted into delicate daisies, benefiting from contemporary materials and designed for a modern audience.

Here, ChloBo jewellery offers a great twist on the sixties style, with tassels and rosary beads, made from high-quality materials including sterling silver and rose gold designs.


'I just decided I wanted to become someone else...

So I became someone else.' - Dusty Springfield

By James Tissiman