Botanical Wedding

It’s Spring and we’re heading back to nature. T H Baker and I are bringing you some of the current trends that inspire weddings; this could be anything from country estate to a Tahitian retreat. Let us take you down the avenues and byways to try and inspire you to get creative.

As previously mentioned, this week is nature, but I’m not talking your usual humdrum twigs and grass, I want to further extend our mind map to a more Provençal setting.

Now, what do you think of when you hear Provençal? Personally, I imagine herbs of all varieties; basil, lavender, bay leaves, sage and rosemary - this may start you thinking about a fine Sunday roast, but stay with me on this - I want you to imagine fresh herbs and pungent smells, the colours and varieties that nature has shaped; it’s these elements which bring a complete rustic feel, and when combined with crisp linen, white satin and frosted cakes, the unison makes for a simply irresistible wedding.

Also after extensive research, I have found that the cost of attaining the ingredients to create a botanical inspired wedding is significantly lower than your average wedding. This is because herbs are remarkably cheaper to attain than flowers, and not to mention grow. Yes, you could be gradually growing your wedding in your garden, allotment or even window box.

At T H Baker, we have numerous items that go hand in hand with this theme. Just take a look at our emerald wedding and engagement rings, they effortlessly provide a fresh burst of colour as opposed to the clear diamonds we see so much of.

We also have a wealth of apt jewellery for bridesmaids, flower girls and mother of the brides. Our Daisy branded jewellery is particularly in keeping with the theme, with many items proudly displaying an array of beautifully designed daisies in rose gold and enamel.

And, let’s not forget about you guys, we have a great pair of Fred Bennett wood inlaid silver cufflinks, allowing you and your partner to incorporate the theme into your attire.

To get the ball rolling, I have put together a Pinterest board for you to peruse, get inspired and start planning your very own botanical wedding.


James Tissiman