Birthstone of the Month: Opal

If you’re born in October, you are one of the lucky few that have a choice of two when it comes to your birthstone. Traditionally the month of the Opal, October in recent years has also been tied to the Tourmaline. Coming in almost every shade, the Pink Tourmaline is the second stone of choice for this month.

For those of you who enjoy the mystifying colours of the Opal, each one is truly one of a kind. Known in ancient times as the Queen of Gems for its ability to encompass many shades, its rainbow of colours are truly captivating. From calming flashes of blues and greens to bright reds and yellows, the Opal is truly a stunning gemstone.

october birthstone collection

Available in a spectrum of shades and colour combinations, the Tourmaline lives up to its name which means ‘mixed stone.’ From Cranberry red to Bubblegum Pink, the tourmaline offers a world of rainbow colours and more.

pandora october birthstone

Whatever stone you choose, we have an array of beautiful gifts in our October Birthstone Collection to choose from. Whether it’s a piece of Nomination featuring a multi toned Opal or a piece of PANDORA in shades of pale blush pink, you can find the perfect gift online and in one of 13 T H Baker stores.