Wedding Band Widths

The width of your wedding or engagement band is very important for the comfort and appearance that it will provide for the wearer. Band widths are usually measured in ‘mm’, this is the same even in countries where metric measurements are not the standard.

Commonly, men tend to choose bands that are thicker than ladies, usually opting for a ring between 5mm and 6mm. However, women tend to prefer a more slender band measuring between 2.5mm and 4mm. Wedding bands are available from 1.35mm up to 10mm.

The overall look and feel of a wedding or engagement band is an important consideration. We have found that narrow brands tend to go best with narrow fingers and wider bands, between 7-9mm, look much better on broader fingers. The length of the fingers has no impact on the thickness so be sure to rule this factor out.

Also, remember that you must pick a band width to suit your lifestyle. It must be comfortable.

2.5mm 2.5mm
3mm 3mm
4mm 4mm
5mm 5mm
6mm 6mm