Anniversary Ideas

Do you know of a big anniversary coming up? Or, perhaps you and your partner are celebrating one very soon? Well, we have some great ideas for you to indulge your loved one with whether it’s your first anniversary or your 70th.

Traditionally, the following list depicts the appropriate gift to give depending on how many years the couple have been together. However, we think you can be more creative with the list. We have provided you with an alternative to items such as paper, wool and cotton, to give you an altogether contemporary twist on the traditional items.

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1 paper
2 cotton
3 leather
4 flowers, fruit
5 wood
6 sugar
7 wool, copper
8 bronze, pottery
9 willow, pottery
10 tin
11 steel
12 silk, linen
13 lace
14 ivory
15 crystal
20 china
25 silver
30 pearl
35 coral
40 ruby
45 sapphire
50 gold
55 emerald
60 diamond
70 platinum